Review of African Mango Plus

Obesity is a world-wide problem. While losing weight may seem simple in theory, the reality is that it can be very difficult to lose weight. For some people, reducing calories and exercising may just not be enough to shed the extra pounds that they are carrying around. This is why many people use dietary supplements and other weight loss aids in assist them.

One supplement that receives a lot of press attention is African Mango Plus. You may be wondering if African Mango Plus actually lives up to all the hype. The answer seems to be yes! To learn more about the diet pill and the studies that have been done on the pill. read on.

The African Mango Supplement

This dietary supplement is actually more than just another heavily marketed diet pill. The pill is made from the African mango which grows only in a certain part of Africa. For thousands of nears Africans have used this product to give them energy and to suppress their appetite. Only recently is this particular type of mango being used by the Western world.

The mango used is grown on trees and is a specific kind of mango. Although the African mango or Bush mango resembles other types of mangos, it is more closely related to the passion flower.

Study Results

Numero us studies have been done on the African or Bush mango. In fact, the FDA did a detailed study to make sure that the diet pill was safe. According to the results of the tests, the diet pill was found to be perfectly safe.

In another study done in 2005, people who took the pill for 30 days lost a significant amount of weight. In addition to losing weight, they also reduced their cholesterol levels as well as their triglyceride levels. The study found that their metabolism rates had also increased.

A more recent study showed that people who regularly took the supplement lost a significant amount of belly fat as well as overall body fat amounts. This people also improved their cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels.
From the results of these studies, we can conclude that the pill really does work and that it is safe to use.

The Plus Formula

In addition to the African mango extract, the Plus formula also contains other ingredients designed to help bolster your weight loss efforts. Ingredients like chromium, green tea, caffeine, L-Theanine and EGCG have all been proved to be effective in the battle to lose weight.

If you are very sensitive to the effects of caffeine, or if you have been advised to reduce the amount of caffeine that you ingest, you should carefully consider using this product. If you are able to drink a cup of coffee or tea without any side effects, this product should be safe for you to use.

Customer Reports

According to customer testimonials and reports, people who use this pill can expect to lose about 12 pounds per month. In addition to the weight loss, customers have also reported decreased blood sugar as well as an increase in their energy levels.

Some customers have complained that while they have lost weight, it is nowhere near the amounts specified in the commercials that they have seen. Customers who don't take the supplement as prescribed or who do not exercise regularly may experience these results. For best results, follow the directions for taking the medication as specified.

Other customers have complained that they feel jittery or that they have experienced headaches. This is due to the caffeine which is contained in the product. If you have trouble when you drink coffee or other products with caffeine, you may want to consider using a product without the caffeine.

Of course, the vast majority of users have no problems with the product. Most people report that they are able to lose weight without any major lifestyle changes. They also feel that the product has given them extra stamina and energy.

In Conclusion

This product has been shown to be effective in clinical studies. Most users of the pill have also had excellent results with the product. There are a small number of users who are unhappy with the product, but this is to be expected. The diet pill is definitely something that you should try if you want to lose extra weight with a minimal amount of effort.